Commercial Kitchen Prep Table Repair

Keep Your Prep Table Running at Maximum Capacity

If you own a food service establishment, such as a sandwich shop or a pizza parlor, refrigerated or warming kitchen prep tables are essential to your business. By offering storage and prep space for ingredients and assembly, these tables greatly increase the speed of your kitchen operations—and they’re often necessary to avoid health code violations!

Don’t sacrifice the efficiency or safety of your business operations by ignoring a broken or defective prep table. Call the commercial appliance repair experts at Mr. Appliances repair at the first sign of a problem. We’ll perform fast, effective kitchen prep table repair service on your schedule. Whether you need us to stop by in the morning or late afternoon, you can count on us to get the job done with minimal disruption to your business.

Our parts and labor are guaranteed for one full year, and we never charge for overtime. Call today at 855-202-6117 to learn more, or schedule prep table service online.

Types of Commercial Kitchen Prep Tables We Repair

Commercial prep tables are often either refrigerated or warming (not as common) to maintain ingredients at safe and appealing temperatures. They typically feature a work area for assembling food and many storage pans. Refrigerated cabinets below some prep tables store additional ingredients.

There are many kinds of food prep tables, including these:

Forced-Air Units

These commercial sandwich units use a coil that cools the base and rail zone. These types of units operate better in areas with low heat and humidity. If your forced-air prep table is malfunctioning, you can bet that our technicians know how to fix it.

Conductive & Wrapped Cooling Systems

These units utilize copper lines wrapped around the tank or pan opening, creating a cold blanket of air above the ingredients to cool them, as well as through the walls of the unit. Is yours not cooling as it should? Give us a call for a quick solution.

Common Prep Table Issues We Repair

If you’re having issues with your commercial kitchen prep table, help is just a phone call away. Mr. Appliances repair can handle all of your commercial appliance repair needs, so don’t wait any longer to schedule your prep table repair service or any other maintenance you need in your kitchen.

We can handle virtually any type of prep table problem, including the following:

The compressor stopped working

This may be a simple problem, like the power being turned off or unplugged, or something more serious like a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Don’t forget to check the thermostat. No answers yet? Airflow around the vents to the compressor may be blocked. Contact our technicians to see if the compressor needs to be repaired or replaced.

The temperature is too cold

Make sure the unit has space to breathe and the thermostat is set correctly. Clear away items that may be in the way of the vents inside. Finally, check the evaporator coil for ice that needs to be removed. Call for service if these solutions do not fix the problem.

The temperature is too warm

This could be a location problem, such as close proximity to an oven or direct sunlight. Ambient heat can also cause items inside the unit to warm up, especially if it’s crowded. If this isn’t the problem, check the thermostat setting and make sure the vents aren’t blocked by products.

The door won’t close snugly

If you are having trouble closing the storage door on your kitchen prep table, this could be an indication that the cabinet is not level. In other cases, the door may not be sealing properly, which can be due to a defective hinge or seal. We have all the parts and expertise required to repair these problems!

Get Professional Prep Table Repair Today!

Protect your business and the health of your customers by contacting your local Mr. Appliances repair today for kitchen prep table repair. Our technicians are here for you—they’ll respect your property and your time, quickly addressing issues to keep your commercial kitchen operating at peak efficiency. When we’re done with our repairs, consider scheduling periodic maintenance with us to extend the life of your prep table or other commercial appliances.

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